19 May 2006

Happy Birthday Deva!

Yep, it's my roommate Deva's birthday today. She's still one year short of being the answer to life, the universe, and everything, so I can't tease her about that yet. We don't really have anything planned (except a trip to Value Village when she gets back from renewing her driver's license). When it gets a bit closer to my b-day we'll probably have some sort of feast. Or cake. Or a feast and cake.

(Ah! I just realized it's now only 2 weeks until my birthday, until the day my age will no longer be the western world's magic number twice. Although the digits will add up to the western world's other magic number. Not that I find any particular sigificance in numbers, they're just fun to play with. Like words.)


Dad said...

I don't know Deva but, Happy Birthday anyway! As for you, dear junior child - watch the mail. We're hoping that it may shorten the raod to whatever technical wizardry you need. By the way, we're too young to have a child your age. Happy Birthday!

Niko said...

I shall eagerly await way-shortening thing. I'm the one who always checks the mail, anyway, being the only mail-obsessed person in the household.

Of course you're too young to have a child my age. Is there anyone old enough? (Though I could point out that Deva is older than me and her mother is . . . no, never mind.)

Sue said...

Hey, wait a second, she's the younger sibling. Does that mean you're really too young to have a child my //ehem// advanced age?

AND btw, your grandson will be 17 this year. Ha, ha, ha, ha .. .

Mum is sending a box your way this week. It has something from her and something from Ry. 'lenie and I are still arguing over what to get you (gotta love 'tweenagers . . .)

Oh yeah, Happy Birthdayt to Deva!

Sue said...

Oh dear, I should have been more specific about to whom I was addressing each comment. Well, since we know Niko doesn't have kids, nevermind grandkids, I'll leave it to common sense.

Niko said...

Consider this: I was 17 when Ryan was born. Ryan is 17 this year.


Wait. Is 'Lena 11 this year? Holy crap. As if going to school with 20-year-olds wasn't enough. I feel so . . . aged . . .