27 May 2006

Best Semester Ever

I am currently very, very glad that I decided to take classes this summer. It's all because Alvin, my last semester's photo teacher, kept saying how great it is to take Intro Photo in the summer. And it is.

So, right now I'm taking Survey of 20th Century Art, which is a twice-a-week, hour-and-an-half lecture course (all summer). It's not especially exciting, but certainly not the worst lecture course I've done. I'd like more background on the social and political conditions, but I guess there's just so much to cover that there isn't time. Oh well. I like the teacher, though; she's nice. Actually, I like all my teachers this semester.

I also have Book Arts, twice a week for four hours (for the first half of the summer). It's such fun! We make a book every class, and we've been working our way gradually from really simple pamphlet form to more complex sewn forms. We haven't done any multi-section books yet, but we have done one with an accordion spine, and part of the homework this weekend is to make a flag book, which is a variation of the accordion. Also, we have to make an "altered book." While I don't much like the idea of cutting/gluing/writing on an existing book, I do have a good idea, and a Value Village archaeology book that makes frequent reference to pre-flood things. Heh. Pre-flood. Here's a bit about my teacher.

And there's Intro Photo, twice a week for four and a half hours (all summer). It's a really good class, too, and everyone seems to actually want to be there (as opposed to just taking it for credit or because they need one more elective). I just spent my entire Friday afternoon in the darkroom, making prints for Monday's assignment. I might even go in Monday morning, if I decide later that my prints aren't quite "sparkly." I actually re-did some prints that I got a B+ on, because I wanted to get them right (I think Deva thought I was a bit mad, because a B+ is a very respectable grade). Anyway, thanks to my teacher (hi Adrian *), I think I may actually have figured out how to make good prints (or at least better prints). So, yes, still really liking photo, and still thinking about changing my major (about which more later).

*Not that I think he'll actually be reading my blog, but one never knows, and it seemed rude not to say hi.

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