21 August 2009

Another Curious Contest

I mentioned this on Twitter/Facebook a few days ago, and have been meaning to blog about it. Another blog contest I'm entering is over at TotusMel's Wunderkammer, which is a really good place to find fantastic things for sale on Etsy. I have found a tonne of things I intend to buy once I'm making good money again. Anyway, read about the contest on this post--it's another one that ends today. But even if you read it too late, check out the blog and the Etsy shops of the prize donors (and the shops of people mentioned in other blog posts). This really is some of the very coolest stuff Etsy has to offer.

Prize #1: SteamPunk Key Pendant by Aranel

Prize #2: Absinthe Magnet by WinonaCookie

Prize #3: Leather Circlet Crown by Tom Banwell

Prize #4: $30 Gift Certificate to Adornments For Tarts by Choklit

Prize #5: Scotch Liquor Label Necklace by BellaLili

Prize #6 (I really, really want prize #6): Gear Necklace by Zkitten

Prize #7: Custom Drawstring Bustle Skirt by Crescentwench

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