02 August 2009

'Nother Sale

Sometime yesterday another SteamBook sold on Etsy. The buyer chose PayPal, but didn't pay right away, so it's sitting in my sold list without me actually being paid. Not that I mind waiting, but a note from the buyer saying why would be nice. Anyway, I sent them a PayPal invoice, which will hopefully get them to contact me. Hmm. I sound like I'm complaining, don't I? I'm not really. Just thinking out loud, as it were.

Anyway, my very unscientific Etsy vs ArtFire experiment now stands thusly: Etsy 2, ArtFire 0. I'm curious about why. My initial thoughts were that it's because Etsy has been around longer and people looking for handmade stuff go there first. That could be it, though I've heard from others that they get more views on ArtFire, to the point that they consider it well worth it to pay the $12 or so per month to become verified members, rather than the 20 cents per listing plus selling fee per item on Etsy. If I sold enough stuff on ArtFire to equal the fees I'd pay selling the same things on Etsy, I'd spring for the verified ArtFire membership, but so far I've sold nothing.

I'm wondering if maybe one has to get the verified membership first, if that adds enough buyer confidence to get them to buy when they might not buy from an unverified member. But I really don't know. I might try a verified membership for a couple of months during the holiday buying season. Maybe if I do well enough at the Halifax Crafters Market and Word on the Street in September.

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