27 December 2009

Contest! Win a Flying Machines Calendar

A contest seems like a nice way to finish off one year and begin another, so from now until January 6th, I'm going to run a contest here on my blog. Those of you who've entered blog contests before will be familiar with the format. The more you help me spread the word about my blog and my shops, the more entries you get.

Things that will get you one entry each:

  • choose your favorite item from one of my shops (Etsy here and here, ArtFire here) and leave a comment on this blog post

  • heart one of my Etsy shops

  • choose your favorite post from this blog and mention it in a comment

  • follow my blog

  • follow me on Twitter (@anagramforink)

  • retweet the Twitter post announcing this contest

  • become a fan of my Facebook page

  • recommend my Facebook page to your friends

  • watch me on deviantArt, or fave one of my deviations

If you buy something in one of my shops, you'll get two entries; spend $50 or more and get five entries. Make sure you post a comment here letting me know what you did, so I won't miss any. Also make sure your email address is in your post or your profile so I can contact you if you win.

The prize: one of only 30 hand-printed letterpress flying machine 2010 calendars. See this blog post for more photos and info on how I printed it, and find it here and here in my online shops.

In the delightful but unlikely event that I get lots of people entering, I'll add another prize. If lots and lots enter, I'll add a third prize, and so on. (As for how many = "lots," I'm not really sure. 25? 30? Some number dependent on whim? Probably.)


Sunshine Folk said...

That's pretty awesome! I love the calendar! here's my entries:

-I already watch you on deviantart. So not sure it counts. :) (I'm Fajra on DA)
-I adore this little notebook. Very cute! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24698751
-followed you on twitter!
-fan on facebook!

Niko said...

Yay! Thanks, you're my first entrant.

Chainmaille By MBOI said...

I followed your fb and added your page to the Handmade Artists' Forum page favorites. good luck on your contest and consider me as an entry.

V said...

I'm a letterpress fan, an a steampunk fan, and an airship fan. So, your postcards (and of course the calendar) are my faves in your Etsy shop. Nice work!

CJ Grand said...

I love your little books. These earrings are especially unique.

I'm also now following your blog, your twitter and your Deviant Art. I'm a fan of your facebook page and I've added you to my page's favorites.

Good luck, hope you get lots of new fans.

Niko said...

Thanks to all of you! Yay!

Carol said...

I love all your stuff Niko and I'm a fan on Facebook but I'm not really entering (though the calendar is amazing). I just wanted to wish you all the best for 2010! Carol

sherega said...

I felt a bit awkward sending my "contest entry" here so I send it as a note to your dA site...?

I hope that was okay.


Anonymous said...

I felt a bit awkward sending my "contest entry" here so I send it as a note to your dA site...?

I hope that was okay.


Anonymous said...

(Hmh. I managed to sent my previous message twice! D :)

Anyway, just to make sure. My favourite blog articles of yours were:





From ArtFire I liked these postcards:


And from Etsy this book:


(Hope this worked this time. : D )


Loren said...

I just started watching you on dA! (onegeyelephant) on then discovered your etsy shop which I faved!