25 July 2010

Two by Sea, One Not

My latest tiny illustrations (artist trading cards) include a reworking of one of the reindeer/caribou silhouettes I used in my holiday cards:

I had blocked out the deer shape with masking fluid in order to paint the background, and when I went to peel it off, it started pulling the top layer of paper off. Eek! I didn't leave it on that long, but it was rather thick. And maybe the humidity we've been having lately contributed to the problem. Anyway, some carefully applied rice paste saved the day, and even stayed put when I painted the deer. Phew!

Next, I tried to do something much more sketchy than I usually end up doing, both in the inks and in the watercolours. Sometimes I like my pencil drawings better than the finished inks, and I think it may be partly due to the sketchy quality.

This one seems to be the favourite over at Illustrated ATCs, where the swap I made it for is.

And finally, I used an old sketch of one of the daughters of the Sea King I did back when I'd just seen a fantastic Discovery Channel special on sharks--Great Whites that leap out of the water like dolphins in an aquarium show. It had a profound effect on me, and I wrote "Daughters of the Sea King" (a short story connected to my Frisland stories) and I drew the sketch I based this on. I'm thinking of drawing a illustration of all seven sisters, and maybe even doing an artists book with the illustration and the story. Or an illustrated story chapbook. I wonder if anyone would buy a little illustrated story for $5 or $10?

I may be a bit scarce for a while to come, as tomorrow I start teaching a week-long (well, 5-day) summer camp in printmaking for 12- to 14-year-olds, followed by one for 10- to 12-year-olds, followed by one for 15 and up. So yeah, three straight weeks of teaching, while still doing my regular writing gig. Should be fun, but intense. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of my classes at work.


Sarah Coggrave said...

Wow these are great - I especially love the second picture.

Sarah x

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Carol said...

I really like these, especially the jelly fish. Good luck with your 3 weeks of teaching. Wow!