10 April 2011

Quick Update on Letterpress, Writing and Everything

Well, OK, maybe not everything, but I'm trying to get caught up on about six million projects. So.

  • Class goes well, I forgot to take pictures again. 
  • The university diploma project fell through and it sounds like they'll end up with digitally-printed certificates designed by students instead of letterpress-printed diplomas designed by, you know, a professional (not me, one of my old teachers). 
  • I quoted for another small job, and it was a lovely design, but too many colours + too few pieces + individually personalized = astronomically expensive, so they said no. 
  • In the next three weeks I need to print spring card designs (three new ones, plus images from the sea calendar for hand-colouring), cards for jewellery packaging, and maybe a few other odds and ends for the Halifax Crafters Spring Fling (or whatever it's called). April 30 and May 01 at the Olympic Centre, corner of Hunter and Cunard in Halifax.

  • After an inexcusable lapse in regular writing, I've boosted "Brother Thomas's Angel" part 2 to almost 9000 words, bringing the whole thing to about 22,000. So definitely not a sort story any more, Or even a long story. It could end up as a short novel, but I'll just let it become what it needs to be.
  • My latest folklore and anime article for Mania.com is up. It's called "Unicorn of the East: Kirin in The Twelve Kingdoms." My latest creator spotlight got lost in email and I re-sent it yesterday, so it should be up soon. And I've almost got the next one ready to send, for posting early in May.
  • I wrote a guest post on anime and religion (or lack of same) for Christian anime blog Beneath the Tangles. It's called "Hard-Wired for Storytelling."
  • I sent in a query about becoming a book reviewer for an sf/fantasy online magazine. It's a magazine I quite like, and they've always had nice things to say about the stories I've sent them, even though they were still rejections. Fingers crossed (figuratively, as I am not the least superstitious).
  • And, best news of the week, I have another story up from White Raven Press in various eBook formats. This time it's "Sealskin" and you'll find it here at Smashwords and here at Amazon Kindle. I'm considering a coupon for a free story for people who "like" my Facebook page. I'd change up the coupons now and then, so fans could conceivably get lots of free stories. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
OK, that's it for today. I've been sitting at my computer all day except for a quick trip to the mailbox (because I neglected to check on Friday), and my shoulders ache. I'll be writing the next bit of "Bro. T's Angel" sitting on the couch.

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