10 July 2011

Experiments In Papermaking

I was asked recently about doing a papermaking demo in the fall, so my brain started thinking about handmade paper again. It's been quite a while since I've done any papermaking, and when I did do it, I made pulp primarily from recycled paper (with fibres and various plant materials added for colour and texture). I passed on the name of a local papermaker to the folks who requested the demo, but if she's not available I'll probably be doing it.

A book of handmade paper samples I made many years ago.

Whether or not I end up doing the demo, I do want to add handmade papers to my inventory, and they would be a good way to add more greeting cards to my stock--the right paper can make a card on its own, without any other additions, or can be the foundation for something more elaborate. And letterpress on handmade paper is just devine.

So I've got out my book on papermaking (I'd like to say "books" plural there, but with half my library still on the other side of the country, I only have one on the shelf), and I'll be reading and experimenting with making paper from raw fibres and (I hope) recycled cotton items.

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