31 July 2011

Specimen 1: Nautilus Mini Print

For anyone who's curious, here's a scan of one of the finished prints.

You can see how the texture of the paper affects the coverage of the ink. On a letterpress print printed from a more solid element (like lino or polymer or metal), one could use enough pressure to eliminate the affects of texture, but because this was made from a glorified rubber stamp, it's just not possible to get that much pressure--the rubber just compresses. That's why one usually rubber stamps onto smooth paper. But here the effect is intentional--I wanted to make it look a little aged. Or something.

Anyway, these will be up in my Etsy shop in a little bit.

In other news, I started another porthole mini-journal yesterday. I have the tin finished--brass colour with a whole bunch of little silver "rivets" around the top. The bottom is covered in textured black paper to go with the black leather I'm planning to cover the book with. Inside it has a black satin ribbon to help with removing the book, and it's lined in very plush red velvet.

The book will be the same construction as the first one, but in full leather. On  the cover will be a shell cross-section in silver on red. That might have to wait until tomorrow as I don't have any large enough erasers to cut something in the size I want. I'm thinking about a sea urchin cross-section, even though there's not much in the middle of an urchin. Lots of bumps and spines on the outside, though.

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