23 January 2004


I thought it was about time this blog had a little more focus. I started it to make a sort of public record of my writing progress, on the principle that maybe I'd write more if it was possible for other people to check up on me. That's still my main reason for blogging, so "writing" gets to stay first in the description.

But beyond that, I have a tendency to just babble about whatever seems important at the time. Not that I'll stop doing that, either, but at least it'll be more organized. Hence the titles that shall appear at the top of posts from this day forward, etc, etc. So just in case someone who is not a friend or family member encounters this thing, they can easily find whatever topic it was brought them here. If that even makes sense.

In an effort to further focus my usual randomness, I've stuck some of the things I'm most interested in in the description (that's the bit under the title). Probably I'll reword said description so it's more attractive and pleasant to read. Books and comics are still there of course, but there are much better blogs for getting book and comic news. And I've added folklore and archaeology, which are the things I have degrees in (aside from writing). I've linked folklore and archaeology things before, so that's not so much of a change, though I haven't found any good folklore blogs yet, so that may be something I'll make an effort to blog more. For archaeology, a good place to look is Phluzein.

I've added "crackpot science" (might change that to "pseudoscience"), because it fascinates me, and because it--at least the "fantastic archaeology" part of it--occurs at the intersection of archaeology and folklore. And how pseudoscience is done is at least partly the concern of writing. So it's an ideal topic for me to focus on really. So that's what Niko Blathers On will be about: writing and crackpot archaeology, with a fair bit of real archaeology and folklore, plus some stuff about books and comics and the odd descent into whatever odd topic seems like a good idea at the time. Hmm . . . Maybe I should put that in my description. Not right now though, I need to get the dog outside before he starts to complain, and go get the mail.

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