13 January 2004

I just drafted an article (actually more of a personal essay) called "How Environmental Responsibility Led Me to Secular Humanism," except I probably won't call it that. It's too late to submit it to Humanist in Canada for the spring issue on Environmental Ethics, but I might submit it anyway. Especially once I find a better title.

I'm also working on turning my noonhour talk, "Fantastic Archaeology in 10 Easy Steps," into an article. It's made a little difficult by the fact that I can't find a copy of the talk, or even my notes. I do have an old undergrad paper I wrote on pseudscience in archaeology, and it has a few bits I scribbled on it when I first thought of doing the talk, but it isn't much. Luckily, I remember a lot. It was a fun talk. If the article turns out any good, I'll try sending it to Skeptical Inquirer. Yes, I'm on a debunking kick again. Maybe this would be a good time to work on Bunk. Except that's not in my resolutions, while two other novels-in-progress are. And a book-of-interconnected-shortstories-in-progress. And a novel that needs revising.

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