05 January 2004

Just had my thumb wrenched by an over-enthusiastic dog (not mine) and now my wrist really hurts. At least it was my left hand, so most fuctions are normal (typing a little awkward, though). Poor me.

The most exciting things to happen recently were a winter wren (I think) landing on my office window screen (in almost the same spot a flicker landed a few months ago). Drove my cat batty. And I identified a bird I hadn't seen before (or if I had, I didn't realize it): rufous-sided towhee. We have several of them, male and female, vying with the juncos (which are about half their size) for space at the feeder next door at Gramma's. There are more birds here than anywhere I've lived in Southern Vancouver Island (and possibly anywhere I've lived, period, except Virginia Beach). Oh yeah, and I finally heard the owls the other night when I took Darwin out.

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