24 May 2004

Book 45 (Plus Another)

I read the wonderful Lyra's Oxford the other night. I very much recommend it, if you've read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. In fact, if you've read His Dark Materials, you really need to read Lyra's Oxford. If you haven't read the trilogy, though, you can go ahead and read Lyra, but there are a lot of things that won't make much sense.

And I haven't added Lyra to the 50 Books list, because it was barely over 50 pages, and I'd feel guilty, even though it is a book (and a very nice hardcover at that). But I do have a new one for the list, and I read all 216 pages of it yesterday. Yesterday evening, in fact.
  1. Murder One: A Writer's Guide to Homicide by Mauro V. Corvasce and Joseph R. Paglino. No, this doesn't mean I'm still working on the mystery novel (well, I haven't given up on it, but other things--like Vinland Stories and Three Sisters-- are more important). Murder is interesting, if sometimes too gruesome to really want to think about. I reviewed this one for work.

Now I've got to find some more graphic novels to read. I calculated that I'll have to read 5 per month to get to 50 by the end of the year.

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