23 May 2004

Comics: Fey

I spent a big chunk of the day working on page one of Fey so I can get it online. My aim is to do a page a week. But I haven't quite got the hang of PhotoShop yet. I ended up with either a really nice page that was way too big, or a page the right size that was all jaggedy. Obviously I went wrong somewhere. I have a few ideas about where I messed up, so tomorrow (or soon, anyway), I'll get back at it and see if I can figure it out. I might put page one up jaggedy anyway, just to have something there.

Plus, I'm working on a new webpage for Fey. If it turns out half as good as I imagine, it'll be very, very cool. Or pretty cool, at least. But first I'll need a host that gives me lots of webspace. And bandwidth. Someday my comic may be the next big thing, though I'd settle for well-thought-of.

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