01 June 2004

The Beginning of Three Sisters

Here it is:
"Once there was a king who had three daughters," said Jinty, sitting up very straight and looking at each of her sisters to be sure they were paying attention. They were. They always did, though they had told each other this story countless times.

"This king was very rich, and liked nothing better than to spend the day among the emissaries from foreign countries, gambling. The king believed he was good at gambling, but he lost more than he won, and soon the kingdom's coffers were getting bare. Each time he began to run out of money, he'd sell off another estate, or raise the taxes."

Jinty smoothed the pages of the book in her lap. It was a copy of Grimm's fairy tales that had been her mother's. It was open to a story called "The Three Sisters," but Jinty didn't read the words or even look at the pages as she told the story. She didn't need to. Between them, she, Kyrie and Fern knew the story so well they had made it their own.

Now back to work.

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