15 June 2004

More Fey, and Some Difficulties

The newest page of Fey is up: part 1, page 4. Still jaggedy as I haven't had a lot of time to play with PhotoShop lately. I'll be making time tomorrow, I hope, as I'm now having even worse problems with the readability of the text. I expect the words in the word balloons are entirely unreadable. I can only read them because I already know what they say. Time to do some more investigating on the web to see what I'm doing wrong. It may meaning starting all over again with fresh scans (or at least from the part where I stick the two halves of the scan together--as I draw too big to fit the pages on the scanner). I may have to resort to drawing future pages actual size. Eh. Don't want to do that. So for now, apologies for the crappy look of the pages. They will be fixed. And I just noticed they look even worse on my laptop. Bleah.

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