01 June 2004

Books, Books, Books

I promise I'll write about something other than books soon. Really I will.

  1. Seals and Sea-Lions of the World by Nigel Bonner. This was pretty much your standard "X of the World" sort of book. What I mean is, it had blurbs about all the different kinds of seals and sea-lions, chapters on reproduction and social organization, conficts with fisheries and all suchlike, and it was written in a fairly dry information-imparting style. Which isn't to say it was boring. There was enough fascinating detail that I could ignore the dry writing (actually it wasn't as bad as many of this sort of book I've read). I got it from the library in the hopes that it would inspire me to write the second half of "Daughters of the Sea King" the way that reading about sharks got me eager to write the first half (though that was also helped out by a documentary on Great White Sharks that made me stare at the screen and think such intelligent thoughts as "that's one big fucking fish.") It's helped, but I don't quite have the same excitement. I need a good seal documentary, perhaps. Or maybe I need to re-read The People of the Sea. Hmmm. Yes, that might work. At least I now know that the seal-shape of the Seal Folk is Grey Seal. I was also looking for useful information about Steller's Sea-Lions that I could use for Three Sisters. There was some, though not as much as I'd hoped. The author seemed much more familiar with Antarctic seals and those found near England. Lots of good photos, though.

I am drawing ever nearer to 50 books, and the year isn't even quite half over yet. Weird. Dracula is coming along, finally. I'll finish it today, and then start on some of those mysteries from the library. And maybe some YA fiction--I got Garth Nix's Grim Tuesday ages ago and haven't hardly glanced at it yet.

Now I think I'll actually try to get some writing done. I did so much work on work in the past couple of days that I need a bit of a break. I was going to wait to slack off until tomorrow, seeing as it is my birthday, but what the hell.

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