30 June 2010

Satyr, Repurposed

I had a datebook page to finish up for a collaborative project (no pay, just exposure and website traffic). The dimensions were a tall 8 inches by 3 inches wide, so not much room for borders or anything. So I decided to go with the date info at the top and an image and my info at the bottom.

Yes, that's the same satyr as the ATC-in-progress image I posted yesterday. I just sent it off today, so I haven't heard back if it's appropriately sized and formatted, though I followed the instructions, so it should be.

Of course, I now can't find the URL for the project, but when I locate it, I'll update the post. I suspect they may still need pages, but the original deadline was July 1, so they'd have to be done fast.

Edit: replaced spelling-mistake image with corrected version.


Carol said...

This is a very beautiful page and I really like that elongated format. Great satyr, and I don't feel his head is too big at all...

Niko said...

Heh. His head does look kind of big to me, but then who can really say how big a satyr's head should be?