23 July 2004

And More Sequential Art

More, more, more. I think I am so determined to read every comic I can lay my hands on (the "mainsteam" superhero books mostly aside) because I've been working so much on my own comic. I need to absorb as many influences, good and bad, as I can. Or something.
  1. Parasyte volume 4 by Hitosi Iwaaki. Still strange in a good way, still character driven. I think I won't bother to comment on this title any more, except to add it to the list, unless something chages.
  2. Parasyte volume 5 by Hitosi Iwaaki.
  3. Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware. I've started to request the "classics" and well-spoken-of North American books from the library. As many as they actually have, anyway. Jimmy Corrigan is a strange book. It's a story about smothering parents, and not-very-nice parents, and the lack of parents, told through an ordinary (almost loserish) guy named Jimmy. The art is very simple (sometimes deceptively so), and suits the story. The colours are almost flat, but work very well and give the impression of jewel-like panels (sort of). Overall, it's kind of a depressing book (and long). By the end, all the bits and pieces come together to make a story that is difficult to articulate (hence my lack of coherence in this blurb). It's quite depressing in places, but ends with a bit of hope (and a redhead). I don't think I'll ever make something like this book myself, but it's a great read (and not over so quickly as a lot of other books--it's substantial, I mean).

Need . . . more . . . comics . . . (er, is my addiction showing?)

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