21 July 2004

DIY Dragons

Or rather, DIM, since I did it myself. That is, I put up the new shelves I bought at Jysk (after staining and Varathaning, of course). I had to abandon my original plan of putting them up above my dresser, as it turns out that wall (the one where the two halves of the duplex join) is made of something resembling cement (it could be cement, for all I know). I got two holes deep enough to put anchors in, so I kept trying with the others, but no luck. No I have a whole bunch of shallow holes to fill and paint over (here's hoping there's enough paint left in the bottom of the can). So the shelves are up on the opposite wall, above one of my bookcases. As soon as I can find a long, skinny screwdriver to get a few hard-to-get-at screws the rest of the way in, I'll fill them shelves with dragons and other fantastic beasts.

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