10 July 2004

New Non-Fiction

Guess I might as well update the non-fiction list, while I'm updating everything else.
  1. Bad Astronomy by Philip Plait. Do you know why the sky is blue, or what causes the seasons? Are you sure you know? Plait tackles misconceptions about astronomy that are "known" by all sorts of people. I had correct or vaguely correct ideas about most of them, I'm happy to say, but there were one or two I thought I knew but didn't. This is a fun book with chapters on the supposed moon landing hoax and those companies that allegedly sell stars for you to name as you like, as well as on more basic topics like why the sky is blue, what causes the seasons or the phases of the moon, and why stars twinkle and planets don't (or do they?). I've got another book out on a similar topic, but it looks like it covers somewhat different things. The universe is a fascinating place, I tell you.

I really need to get out of the habit of only posting on weekends, and then posting a huge number of things all at once. I really should spread them out more through the week. I really should . . .

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