11 July 2004

Library Defacer Strikes ME!

Er . . . yeah. My sister's had the bad luck to get at least one book with "corrections" in it nearly every time she goes to the library (maybe I'm exaggerating; read about it here and here). Now her evil nemesis has stuck one of my books. The gall! I could almost forgive this person underlining the word "North" and writing "Mid" in the margin. Saying northern Africa is in the North Atlantic was an error, after all. But then they later underlined "road" and noted "sea" in the margin. The reference in the book was to a "road test" of a marine chronometer. Obviously, they weren't really going to test the chronometer on a road; they were going to test it on a ship. At sea. Obviously. But it was a metaphor for crying out loud! (And a cliché, just like the end of my sentence was.) Don't people know about metaphors any more? Eh.

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