11 October 2004

Games Games Games

Went to TRU today. Mostly they had nothing interesting (not even considering this weird new fascination with Barbies--ick). But then I went into the electronics section, and they had a whole bunch of games marked down. I just got paid recently. Bad combination, that, cheap games and me with money. I managed to restrict myself to two. I got Kya: Dark Lineage for PS2, which looks like a fun action-adventure sort of thing, and Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon for PC (I'm not sure my video card is fast enough, so I may be sneaking downstairs when Sue isn't home to play it). Broken Sword is an adventure game (ie lots of puzzles). I really liked the last one, and I've heard good things about this one. Yay! Now I'm gonna go play Kya and pretend I don't still have three other PS2 games and somewhere around . . . 8 maybe PC games. I'll get to them all. 'Specially since I'm planning to get a Mac in a year or so--I'll have finished all the PC games by then.

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