09 October 2004

Ow, Ow, Ow: Fey page 21

Stupid sore wrist. Stupid stupid stupid. Here's page 21. And page 20 is now fixed.

If, unlike me, you haven't yet managed to fuck up your writing wrist, and you do a lot of writing, or drawing, or whatnot, get thee to a stationer's or office supply shop and buy some of those pens and mechanical pencils with the big barrels and cushy grips. The ones endorsed by the Arthiritis Society are particularly good. Trust me. And learn to relax your arm and hand while writing. Also, invest in ergonomic gel wrist rests for your mouse and keyboard. That way, you might avoid the tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome or whatever it is that makes my wrist very, very hurty every few months or so. But I'll be fine. (whine, whine)

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