10 October 2004

Tis the Season and All That

So Dad reminded me that Xmas is on its way, and I thought maybe I should do up my annual "list of things I like" because people always seem to want to know what I'd like for Christmas. I decided not to put a Mini Cooper on the list. No one I know has that much money. Anyway, for books, video games, dvds and cds, I made an Amazon.ca wish list. It's here. It has lots of strange and wonderful things on (though there are also lots of stragne and wonderful things they either didn't have, or I haven't added yet). Other things that are not there are stuff from Hobby Link Japan (like, say, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this . . . and I had better stop now). Also the archer set (4th one in the top row) from R & D. (I know, probably no one will get me any of those. Pout.) Gift certificates are always good, too, if you don't to wade through my list, or prefer not to shop online.

So enough selfisness--what would everyone else like for the holidays?

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