13 October 2004

Good Choice / Bad Choice

Depending on how one looks at it, Kya: Dark Lineage could have been a very good buy, or a very bad one. It's good because it's fun, engaging, nice to look at -- all those things a good game should be (also occasionally frustrating as I'm not very skilled in controller manipulation). But it's bad because it had me up till 2am last night. "I'll just play until the next autosave." "I'll just play until I get back to the village." "I can't stop with this bit only half finished." "I'll just play until . . ." Until my eyes fall out, maybe. So far I've kept myself from playing today. Instead, I watched anime (first two eps of Yukikaze), and read Stanislaw Lem (The Cyberiad). Oh, and had a much-needed long hot soak in the tub (with Stanislaw Lem) (well, his book, anyway). Maybe tomorrow once all my work is done (or a good chunk of it, anyway), I'll allow myself a couple of hours of Kya.

There's a frog in the pond outside my window right now, making an astonishing variety of grumbles and clicks, in addition to the usual deep-throated croaks.

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