02 September 2013

Familiar: Cover and Blurb

She's rescued her lover twice, once from imprisonment and once from a demon.

Can she save herself from her own nature?

To save Evgeny, Su had to allow herself to be bound to her hexen best friend Alex as a witch's familiar. They meant to reverse the spell as soon as Ev was safe, but it turns out a familiar binding is for life -- or even beyond if the familiar is a hexenfuchs like Su.

As the binding draws tighter, like a leash around Su's throat, she and Alex travel to Germany to search for a solution in Alex's hexen ancestry.

But half of Su's ancestry is German, too, and their destination is right in the heart of hexenfuchs territory. Su and Alex are joined by much more than a familiar binding, it seems -- they're bound by a destiny that keeps repeating, trapping witch and familiar in the same tragic events.

Good thing Su doesn't believe in destiny.

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