01 September 2013

Hexen: New Cover, New Blurb

If the only way to save your beloved is to sacrifice yourself, would you do it?

With the vampire council defeated -- for now -- Su and Evgeny deserve their Happily Ever After. Unfortunately, something unknown and horrifying is gradually taking over Evgeny's mind. It seems to be connected to his developing powers as a witch -- powers he shouldn't even have -- but it also seems to have a mind of its own.

And it's angry, cruel, and set on hurting Su.

But this time, Su isn't alone. With the help of her werewolf neighbour Magne, her witch ex-girlfriend Alex, and her own developing powers as a fox-woman, she just might be able to save Evgeny.

The trouble is, she could lose herself in the process.


And the (rather embarrassing) current cover:

Now that she's rescued Evgeny from his captors, Su figures they ought to get their Happily Ever After. But life just doesn't seem to work out that way. Because not only does Su now have a fox's tail -- which makes getting dressed awkward, to say the least -- but there's someone still after Evgeny.

This time, the enemy isn't so obvious, and instead of trying to take Ev prisoner, whoever it is is trying to control him from the inside. Something nasty keeps taking over Evgeny's mind and if Su can't find out who it is fast, and stop them, the man she loves may disappear forever, replaced by a violent, woman-hating demon.

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