27 September 2013

Pay-What-You-Want Artist's Books and Books With Content

For info on this how and how it works, please see this post.

I debated whether or not to even include artist's books in the sale, but I need to raise funds quickly, so I'm putting just about everything on sale. So now's your chance to get some things cheap I would normally not put on sale (and may never put on sale again).

Aeryn Daring Lives Up to Her Name

hand-bound book with hand-pulled lithograph pages and cover paper
there are three different versions of the cover (taken from three different sections of the same image), but the insides are all the same
made in an edition of 9, signed, numbered, and dated on the colophon page
4 left (numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9)
original retail was $120

Leaf Book

hand-bound book, accordion-fold, printed with 3-colour lino and rubber-stamped text

made in an edition of 9, signed, and numbered, on the colophon page, date inside the front cover
4 left (numbers 3, 6, 8, and 9 -- 9 has a slipped rubber-stamp impression inside the front cover)
original retail was $40

Halifax Through the Stereoscope

6 stereoscopic images in an illustrated folder, hand-pulled lithographs printed from 4 aluminum photoplates colour-separated from colour photo negatives shot by me on a vintage Sputnik medium-format camera
edition of 10, signed, numbered, and dated on the back of the folder
includes a fold-out stereoviewer
4 left (1, 3, 6, and 9 -- 1 is a bit worn from handling and is missing the stereo viewer)
original retail was $75


hand-bound origami book made by attaching origami lilies as sections of the book
letterpress-printed traditional Japanese haiku about water, printed on Japanese two-tone paper from hand-set metal type
edition of 9, signed, numbered, and dated on the colophon page
6 left (numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9)
original retail was $50

Fey Mini-Comic

hand-bound pamphlet-style mini-comic book with letterpress-printed cover and laser-printed pages
edition of 25, numbered and signed on the back (the green one in the photo)
3 left (numbers 7, 19, and 24)
original retail $2

Fey Full-Size Comic

not really an artist's book, but I thought I'd throw it in here anyway
digitally-printed comic with full-colour covers and greyscale interior
available online, but I have 3 copies on hand I'd be happy to sign and doodle on
retails for $3

The Coming of the Fairies

also not an artist's book, but what the hell
this is my first novel, for middle-grade readers, and it's about fairies
I have 4 copies on hand I can sign and doodle on
retails for $9.99, also available on Amazon, and as an e-book ($2.99) from the usual outlets

Vixen by Nic Silver

one more not-artist's book
this one is my urban fantasy for grown ups (warning: contains sex and violence), written under one of my pen names
I have 4 copies on hand I can sign and doodle on
retails for (I think) $12.99, also available on Amazon, and as an e-book from all the usual outlets (currently free or 99 cents for a limited time)

Comic next: blank journals, including some one-of-a-kind


Niko said...

One copy of The Coming of the Fairies has been spoken for, which leaves 3 available.

Jade said...

I'd like Coming of the Fairies, too. The Fey comics -- are they only part of a bigger story?

Niko said...

Do you want your book personalized, Jade?

And Fey is part of a longer story, which I haven't finished yet. I originally planned 9 episodes, of which three are done (but only one in print so far). I've been wanting to get back into working on it lately -- I hate leaving stories unfinished. Eventually, when the story is complete, I'll make it available as a single volume.

So the short version is, if you want the complete story, you'll have to wait :D

Jade said...

Yes, please personalize to me.

I just got back from visiting Julia, but I swear I'll finalize all my orders in the next few days.

Niko said...

No worries. I won't be finished the fairy books until the weekend, probably.