26 September 2013

The "Oh Crap I'm Overdrawn" Pay-What-You-Want Print Sale

Originally this was going to be the "Oh Crap I have a Self-Employment Tax Bill" sale, but circumstances have, well, changed. So Yeah. Basically, if you were thinking about buying some of my work, this is a really, really (*really*) good time. You get prints (and other goodies) for cheap, and I can start digging myself out of the hole.

Here's how it works: I'll post pictures and specs for prints (and these are all hand-pulled prints made in limited editions, and not digital prints), artist's books, jewellery, and other odds and ends of art. If you want one, or several, comment on the post with your country and postal code or state, or send me an email (to anagramforink at gmail) with your mailing address. As long as you cover shipping (unless you live in Nova Scotia and want to pick them up from my house or from the Dawson Printshop in Halifax), the price of the print is whatever you want to pay.

I'm going to put the original retail for each print in the info, but that's not to get people to give me more money, it's just there as a reference for folks who want to know. Really, cover shipping and you can have the prints free (though I hope you'll chip in a little something I can give the bank).

Shipping costs will vary quite a lot depending on the size of the print and whether it's shipped rolled or flat. Tiny prints can go for as little as a couple of bucks, while bigs ones can be $20 or $30 (or more if you want tracking). The more prints you buy, the less shipping per print. When you send your address, I'll give you a shipping cost (as determined by the Canada Post shipping calculator and rounded up to the nearest dollar).

This'll be first come, first served -- and I'll include the number of each print I have available so you can figure out from the comments if there are any left -- but if you already know something you want before I post it, go ahead and email me or comment on this post, and I'll set it aside for you.

There are a few prints I won't be including in the sale -- though I may put them up at a discount. If you're buying anything else, though, it might be a good time to save on shipping. These will mostly be really recent work.

I prefer payment via PayPal (I'll let you know which email to send it to when I give you the shipping cost), but if you're local, cash and cheques are good, too, and I can even do VISA/Mastercard via Square for locals (in person so I can swipe your card) or PayPal for farther away folks.

Finally, if you know anyone who might want some cool science, nature, and history inspired art, please pass this along. Purchases from my Etsy shops will also help) though a lot of what's in there will eventually make it to this sale. Even digital print purchases or buying my ebooks will help in the long term (though not immediately). I'll try to get all the prints posted today, but it may take a couple of days. I have to dig through my big box to see what I have, and some of them will need to be photographed.

Edited to add:
You don't have to tell me how much you're paying when you tell me what you want to buy -- I'll send you a list of shipping options once I know what you want and where you want it sent. Then just send your payment via PayPal (or let me know how else you want to pay) with a note to say which shipping option you choose. As long as the amount covers the shipping, I'll send out your prints.

Here's What's For Sale

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