22 September 2004

I Submit

Finally, I am getting back in the habit of submitting writing. At least I hope I am. Yesterday I got five different short stories ready to mail out (though I managed to seal two of the envelopes before inserting SASEs, and had to peel them open again). They go in the mail next time I'm at the post office (which will be soon, as I have eBay things to send out too). Here's what I'll be sending:
  • "Hollow Bones" to Asimov's. It's a bit of a long shot, as they don't publish a lot of fantasy, but the story's already been to F&SF and Realms of Fantasy. It'll go to some online zines next, probably.
  • "Sealskin" to Realms of Fantasy. I think I may have sent an earlier version to them ages ago, but they acquired a new slush reader since, and she sent me nice comments along with the last two rejections, so I thought I'd try this one.
  • "Sharper and More Fragrant" to Black Gate. They primarily publish adventure fantasy. "Sharper" is kind of an adventure. Not my strongest story, though. (Er . . . my favourite is usually the most recent.)
  • "Caught on Thorns (three variations of Sleeping Beauty)" to F&SF. I can never decide if this should be three separate stories one one story subtitled "Three Variations." So far, I've left it as the latter. I might later submit it to Fables as three separate stories.
  • "King of Kings, Master of Camels" to SciFiction. Another longshot, as they aren't really looking for short shorts (they did publish Michael Swanwick's excellent Periodic Table of Science Fiction, though).

I also, just now, sent an email submission of my poem "Steampunk Undersea" to Strange Horizons. SH is one of the better (best, even?) online zines (actually considered a professional market by the SFWA). They published my essay on SF and new media a while back (and even paid me for it). They're having a fund drive right now, so if you're looking for good reading material and have a little extra cash, consider sending some to them (then, if they publish my poem, they'll be able to pay me) (hee hee). Even if you don't have extra cash, you can still read everything on the site for free (including my article).

"Steampunk" is about the only poem I've written that I still rather like many months later. I'm not sure about the title, though. I've kept it because I like the way it sounds. The rhythm and such. Actually the whole poem is about sounds as much as images. I was going to submit it here but I forgot and missed the deadline.

Now I wait. (Well, also I still have to go to the post office.)

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