14 September 2004

More New Sequential Art Reading

So I continue to zoom on towards 100 graphic novels read this year (and I was worried about making it to 50!) I think this is the year of comics for me. I've been so focused on making Fey that all I seem to want to read is comics or non-fiction research material. Well, that and stuff about Samurai so I can improve my 1/6 scale action figure clothing for selling on eBay. But anyway . . .

  1. Storm Riders volume 2 by Wing Shing Ma. More kung fu and gorgeous art. This is a strange but oddly compelling story. I suspect most people read it for the kung fu, but I need a little more from my comics than pretty men and fight scenes (though pretty men and fight scenes do make a good start).
  2. Maison Ikkoku volume 3 by Rumiko Takahashi. While I'm still very much enjoying this series, I also still don't think it's one I need to own. Maybe I'll change my mind when I've read more of it. Sadly, I think the VIRL is missing some of the volumes from the middle of the series.
  3. Storm Riders volume 3 by Wing Shing Ma.
  4. Storm Riders volume 4 by Wing Shing Ma. This is the last volume I have, and I don't think the library carries it. There's at least one more volume, but this book was published in the 80s, so it might be hard to find.
  5. Ranma 1/2 volume one by Rumiko Takahashi. Finally, after a couple of months on the list at the library, I get this book in my hands. I like it quite a bit--more than Maison Ikkoku, but not quite as much as InuYasha. This could either say something about Takahashi's maturing as an artist and storyteller (I think that's the order they were created/published in), or it could say something about my desire for the fantastic in stories (each has more fantasy that the last). Anyway, time to request volume two.

Now I've got to finish the prose bits of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume 2. I keep setting it aside and forgetting to get back to it (this says nothing about the book--it's excellent--just that I've mostly been reading in short chunks instead of long marathons lately). And a whole pile of my recent eBay bargains arrived yesterday, giving me some great western comics (that's western as opposed to eastern, not western with cowboys) to read. Some fantastic, some not. Er . . . probably mostly fantastic.

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