30 September 2004

Writing: Eep!

I just realized NaNoWriMo is only a month away (registration starts tomorrow), and I still haven't revised last year's novel. I think I said I was going to do that in January . . . I guess I'd better start (erm . . . anyone wanna fly me to Scotland to do location research? I only need to spend a day or two each in Dunvegan and Aberfoyle).

This year, I can't decide if I'll do The Love Talker, the romance novel I once thought would be easy (I mean, I might as well get all the sick-making prose over with at once), or if I want to give Fairy Rings another shot and start it over from scratch. With a different title. And maybe a younger main character. Or maybe I should do something else. I could give Reading the Bones another stab. But then there's still all that research. Or maybe Bunk. But again, there'd be a lot of research to do.

Erm. Would you say I maybe have a few partially developed ideas rolling around? (Next person who says "I have this great idea; how about I tell it to you and you could write it?" dies a long, boring, painful death.) Anyway.

Going to dig out the The Secret Common-Wealth ms now.

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