21 September 2004

Writing: Daughters of the Sea King

I finally got to transferring "Daughters of the Sea King" from my hand-written notebook to a word processor file. It's just over 2600 words, which is pretty short, but all it needed.
They hunted.

Women like fleet sharks moved through the sea faster than anything human could. For a time they hunted each for herself; one darted a slender arm past her sister’s face to snatch a small fish; one bit another’s leg, leaving a jagged gash, just to get her out of the way.

When the fish became fewer, the Sea King’s daughters swam for the joy of it, speeding along just under the surface, where stray beams of light escaped from the clouds and dappled the grey skin of their backs and made the deep seaweed-green of their hair seem to glow.

One sister had hair of silver and the grey of her skin was like pearls. She was shunned by the others. She was the most vicious of them.

I think I really like this story, though I'm a little worried that a large part of it won't make any sense to someone who hasn't read "Cobbleshore Knit" or "Sealskin."

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