27 September 2004

League of Extraordinary Fiction (and not)

Er . . . I really haven't been reading much non-pictorial fiction, have I?

  1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. I like Jules Verne. Not a whole lot seems to really happen--not much action, anyway. And there are a lot of numbers and lists of species and other scientific details. And yet. It's just so damn fascinating! And I have a new word to add to my list of favourite words (which include things like eldritch and dirigible): poulpe. Okay, it's a French word, but they used it in the English translation I read. And it sounds cool. Poulpe. Yup.
  2. A Deceptive Clarity by Aaron Elkins. I don't find Elkins' Chris Norgren books (main character=art historian/director of art museum) quite as addictive as the Gideon Oliver books (main character=forensic anthropologist), but they're still pretty good. I think they're more violent in a main-character-beaten-to-a-pulp sense, too. Anway, it was a superquick, fun read, wherein I learned something about art history and forgery.

So now I'm working on Five Weeks in a Balloon, which has the same not-much-action, lots-of-technical-detail components as 20,000 Leagues, but is also really fascinating. The heroes have just tethered their balloon to a tree for their first night over Africa.
Edit: Plus, I finally finished LoEG vol 2, which I'll write about in my next "Seq Art Reading" post.

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