20 May 2005

Argh, Part 394 (or so)

I really, really was going to start posting part 3 of Fey: Drawing Borders today. I intended to finish off the cover (all I needed to do was plop the art into a file and add the logo and text). I did not count on my [insert rude adjective here] computer. After restarting multiple times (including 3 just trying to make the file smaller so the logo would be the right size) I gave up.

So, instead of the cover for part 3, featuring Jack in the Old Country (and, naturally, the Old Days), you get page one of the first Fey short I wrote, Meddlesome Spirits ("Fleeing Arcadia" was the second one I did).

I kind of meant to revise this one, but I'm not sure now if I will. On the one hand, I probably could make it a better story, but on the other, I'm rather fond of it as it is, awkward bits included. I haven't decided what I'll do yet. I'll probably have a look at the notes I made when I was first thinking of revising it (mostly extending the lead-in, actually). I may add some pages, but will probably leave the rest as-is. We'll see. I will keep trying to get that stupid cover for part 3 done, too.

"Argh!" I say.

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