23 May 2005

Yee Haw!

As I was just settling down to watch Myth Busters, a white car with "Ken Evans Ford" on the side (I think that's what it said) pulled into the driveway and someone got out with a box. They went to Sue's door. For some reason, delivery people nearly always go to Sue's door, but then it's hard to tell where the front of the house is, since it's actually backwards on the lot. Yay! It's my keyboard. Now I just need a USB cable for my cheapie new printer, and a USB hub so I can plug everything in (only two USB ports on the Mac, plus one on the keyboard--for a brief moment I thought there were two on the keyboard, but then I realized that one of them is for plugging in the cable the other end of which plugs into the computer). So now I finish playing Shivers 2 tonight if it kills me. Safecracker can wait for some upcoming rainy weekend when I feel like plugging the crapmachine back in.

Edit: Erm, it turns out I was right the first time. The Mac keyboard does have two USB ports, which means I won't need a hub right away.

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