22 May 2005


Instead of fighting crowds of bargain-hunters and Victoria Day parade-goers to go to Value Village's 50% off sale tomorrow, we decided to hit VV in Victoria today (I remembered the advice of a MUN professor who said the best day to go to a VV sale was the afternoon or evening before--sure, you wouldn't get half-off, but you'd get your pick of the stuff they just put on the rack for the sale the next day). After loading down the cart with something like 15 assorted pairs of pants, I ended up with three. One pair of khaki green corduroys, one pair of brownish-blackish jeans, and one pair of black sort-of corduoy pants (which are on the rather snug side, but I'm on the way to not being so thick around the middle, and I expect they'll fit better fairly soon). Plus I also found a nice top, another belt (this one black with big silver grommets in), and a few more books. Two I won't mention because they're for my nephew, whose birthday is in July, and An Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver Sacks. Then there were New York Fries, mocha frappuchino, and a chocolate peanutbutter oat bar. And home again.

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