06 May 2005

Fey at Home

I finally started moving things from my old Geocities site to my very own domain. There's not much there yet, so don't get too excited. Fey's got it's own subdomain, here, but right now it just looks like the Geocities site. Next task is to stick redirects up at the old site, then get some nice graphics going so fey.whiteravenarts.com actually looks like it contains a comic you might want to read. After that I'll move the rest of my junk off Geocities. The good news is, though, that I'm now in no danger of running out of webspace, and it's possible to read everything in one sitting without running out of bandwidth. Now, I'm off to finish up this week's page.

Edit: Erm, yes. I fixed the file name/file path errors in "Fleeing Arcadia," so if anyone was trying to look at it, it actually works now. And if you happen to encounter any dead links, missing pictures, or other screw-ups, pleasepleaseplease let me know so I can fix them.

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