24 June 2005

Fey: "Meddlesome Spirits" Page 6


We're all scambling around getting ready for our big TOY SALE (and yard sale) this weekend. There are gaps on my shelves. It hurts, but I know I'll be happy when it's all gone and I have some cash in my pocket instead. Anybody need some Star Wars toys? Lord of the Rings? Toy Dragons? Harry Potter? Books? Everyone needs books. Anyway, that's how I'll be spending most of my weekend.


Rowena said...

Holy sh*t! I had no idea you were such a toy junkie. That's one serious collection going on the chopping block, my girl.

Niko said...

Oh, I have crap you wouldn't believe, and nowhere to put it. Now if only someone would buy some of it (garage sale was pretty much the worst ever, I guess that's what happens when you live in the sticks).

Niko said...

I should also point out that the stuff listed isn't ALL mine. An awful lot of it is Sue's.