11 June 2005

Niko Buys Music!?

If you've known me very long, or ever been to my house, you may have noticed how . . . outdated my music collection generally is. I don't know why, but I just don't buy new music very often. Possibly it's largely because I don't listen to the radio (I have yet to find a station that doesn't quickly annoy me into turning it off), so I don't get to hear much of what's new. Lately, I've been getting sick of the music I do have. There are a few things I still listen to regularly, but I find myself listening to the same stuff over and over.

So I was at WalMart the other day, and they had the new Nine Inch Nails disc for cheap. I'd read about it on Caitlín R. Kiernan's blog. So I bought it. I'm on the second listen-through and quite liking it. Of course, buying the new release of a familiar artist isn't really the same as buying something totally new. I'm open to suggestions. I've read a few places online that The Decemberists are very good. Anyone got any other recommendations for someone with a rather . . . eclectic (and sometimes strange) taste in music? I especially like stuff that mixes traditional with contemporary--celtic rock, for example (Ashley MacIsaac's Hi, How Are You Today is still one of my faves, along with Capercaillie's Beautiful Wasteland and everything by the Pogues). But I also like more industrial sounds, and, er . . . stuff. Anyway.

Edit: I'm also fond of punk and its offspring (been listening to the Clash a lot lately . . .).

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