11 June 2005

Ow Ow Ow

A while ago I mentioned that my doctor recommended a cortisone shot to collapse the tendonitis-related ganglion in my right wrist. So Thursday I went in to get said shot. Apparently, a shot where I had it is less painful than the usual sort of cortisone shot that goes right into the joint. Dr Fretz said, "This is going to hurt," or something along those lines. My response, when she stuck in the giant needle (to remove the "goo" before injecting to cortisone) was, "Oh, yes, that does hurt rather a lot." I'm pleased to say that I didn't cry or scream or faint or even flinch. I guess I must have a fairly high pain tolerance. Or something. I wondered aloud to Mum afterwards about why the doctor'd made me lie down before giving me the shot. Apparently, a lot of people pass out during that sort of thing.

It didn't hurt that much.

So it may or may not actually work, this gangion-collpasing. I might have to have surgery instead. So far, my wrist still bulges as much as before, though doc did say it could take a few days, and it would probably ache. Actually, it mostly doesn't bother me at all, though handwriting feels a little awkward. Anyway, now I wait and see if it works.

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