15 June 2005

Good Dreams and Bad

So, like most people, sometimes I have dreams I like, and sometimes I have dreams I really wish I hadn't had (or didn't remember). I especially like the ones where I'm the MythBusters intern, even though I always end up re-doing old experiments. A couple nights ago, I got to help bust the killer quicksand legend. It was very cool. (Though I admit, the one where Jamie Hyneman and I were trying to escape from bad guys was truly strange. You try walking down the street dressed a la Pirate Mod, arm-in-arm with a walrus-mustachioed man wearing a beret, and try to look inconspicous.) ("Fly casual," as Han Solo would say.)

I really don't like the dreams where I wake up wanting to see an old boyfriend again. Those ones always make me feel very, very glum. Luckily, I don't have them very often.

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