01 June 2005

I Rule

Last week, Selena came home from school all excited about some bones she and her friends found in the bushes at the edge of the schoolyard. She wanted me to drive her back to school so we could collect them. Why me? 'Cause I'm the coolest auntie ever, of course. Plus, I used to be a zooarchaeologist, so I know stuff about bones.

Said bones were in a nice little pile (mostly), and were quite clean, so all we had to do was pick them up and put them in a bucket. (Well, they had dirt and plant bits on them, but no flesh or hair or other icky stuff.) To my delight, Selena et al were absolutely correct in their guess that they were baby deer bones.

When we got them home, I got 'Lena working on cleaning them with antibacterial soap and water (I usually use a little bleach or peroxide in water, but I didn't have either). The next day, she had most of them clean and carefully packed to take back to school to show her class. When Ryan came up on the weekend, she had to show him, of course. He asked her why she'd picked them up. "Because," she told him. "I'm going to start a collection, just like Auntie."

See, I totally rule. Bow down before me, ye lesser Aunties and Uncles.


Sue said...

Yay, auntie!! Thanks to you Selena is actually interested in things like science and nature. I knew it was a good idea to name her after you. //wink//

Niko said...

Well, she could still take after my freakish side . . .