02 June 2005

More Birthday Goodness

I'm just back from birthday tea at Mum's, with a whole pile of prezzies. Here's what marvels I got:

  • a card with beads and sparkly butterflies, with money inside, from Gramma Staniforth. Thanks Gramma!
  • a whole pile of books from Sue and her offspring; they are:

    • Sabriel by Garth Nix. I had the worst beat-up ex-library copy of this ever; now I have a very nice one. I love this book.
    • Plant Technology of First Peoples in British Columbia by Nancy J. Turner. Part of the Royal BC Museum Handbook series. I've wanted this since I used it a couple of years ago for a Creative Non-Fiction assignment.
    • Gladiatrix: The True Story if History's Unknown Woman Warrior by Amy Zoil. This'll go nicely with my Amazon and female pirate books.
    • The Cook's Guide to Asian Ingredients by Sallie Morrus and Deh-Ta Hsiung. At last, I can figure out what all those interesting things are that I keep seeing at the grocery store.
    • Love in the Asylum by Lisa Carey. One of the few times I've ever made my mother read something I'd just read was with Carey's first novel, The Mermaids Singing. This is her most recent one, I think.
    Thanks Sue and Selena and Ryan!
  • an HP Photosmart digital camera, camera dock, and acessory kit (camera bag, mini tripod, cleaning stuff, etc) from Mum and John. Woo hoo!! Thanks Mum and John!

Now I have to figure out how to attach these new wonders of technology to my computer. And, I can do slideshows on tv straight from the camera, using the dock (though I don't think my primative tv has the right pluggy-inny bits) (yes, that was a technical term; haven't you heard it before?). Now I have much reading and picture-taking to do. Expect photos to start turning up on this blog, once I figure things out.

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