02 June 2005

Happy 33

Yep, well, here I am. 33. And, like every other year, I feel pretty much the same as always. Not that I expected that to change.

So what have I planned for my birthday? This morning, I did some work, and read some blogs. I've got a comic page I want to finish, which won't take long. This afternoon, I'll probably do some writing; White Foxes is waiting impatiently for a new chapter. I have to finish getting my Mac all set up--I haven't tried connecting it to the great online world yet, which I have to do before setting up the scanner, since I need to download drivers. Then, sometime after Sue and Selena get home, there will probably be tea and the opening of presents over at Mum's. I'll finish the evening with Daily Planet and another part of the "Walking With" series. Last night I watched the whole Walking With Dinosaurs series (6 half-hour episodes). Tonight it'll either be the Making Of and the Allosaurus special, or else Walking With Prehistoric Beasts. After that, I'll probably crawl into bed with a book.

As I mentioned somewhere back there, I got a couple of cards already--last week. So here's the beginning of my things-I-got-for-my-33rd-birthday list:

  • a flowery, mushy card from Gramma and Granddad Silvester--I think it's in the rules somewhere that grandparents must give mushy cards (and usually flowery ones to their female grandchildren). Thanks Gramma and Granddad!
  • a funny card and a Bolen Books gift certificate from Dad and Cat--books, books, books! Thanks Dad and Cat!

Proper thank-you emails and letters to follow.


Enigma America said...


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Rowena said...

Happy Birthday Niko! No card from me - I always feel guilty getting a card and then throwing it in the trash two days later. A card is temporary, a blog post is forever!

See you Saturday for the BBQ - What time should I arrive? Should I bring some food?

Niko said...

Food will probably happen around 5:30ish, so you can show up any time before that. I don't think you need to bring anything, but I'll ask Mum just in case (my suspicion is that there will be enough food for at least half again as many people as are there).

And I know what you mean about cards. I've had a few over the years that I liked so much I kept them, but mostly they end up in the recycle bin very quickly.

dad said...

Cards are just to provide something in which to put money or gift certificates or mushy sentiments, sometimes all of the above.

Niko said...

Hey look! Dad's posted a comment! Cool! Erm, anyway, yes, you're exactly right. And it is nice to get cards, especially if you're not going to see the people sending them. But I always feel sort of guilty tossing them in the bin.

And Rowena: When I asked Mum if you should bring anything, she said, "Last time she brough a bottle of wine. That was nice." But don't feel it's necessary. We'll feed you anyway.