18 November 2004


Writing felt a bit easier today--maybe because I got 600 words out of the way before dinner, so it didn't seem like such a huge task later. I wrote exactly 1800 words, and reached 30,929, which is just over 3/5 of the way there. Phew! I'm on target to finish the 50,000 by November 28, but I'm still not sure this little book is going to last that long. I just got my main characters stinking drunk to buy some time (though it turns out there's a good plot-related reason for them to drink until they pass out, so it's not just filler). It ocurred to me that drunkeness is probably not a really . . . proper . . . thing for a YA novel, but then again, the characters will have such nasty hangovers that they're not likely to ever do it again (oh yeah, mead gives THE worst hangovers). Plus there's the fact that they're soon-to-be shamans, and getting even a little drunk is a Very Bad Idea for shamans in their world. Anyway . . .

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