13 November 2004


I made it to 22,056 words today, which is only a little over the daily goal. I'm not unhappy about it though. I reached 1690 words, saved, and was about to type another few sentences, when my laptop decided it had had enough and shut itself off. Blip! Black screen. It's started doing that lately, now and then. Another good reason to get a Mac, as soon as possible.

Anyway, all that happened before 9:30, but then there was important television to watch, so I didn't get back to blog it until now (plus, I thought I should let the machine rest before I made it do more things). Aside from disliking Java, Flash and assorted other fancy things, this machine really doesn't like Word documents more than about 40 pages long. Especially if they are single-spaced, and I tend to compose single-spaced.

Now I have new comics to read before bed. Tomorrow, I deliver people to Langford (well, one person, anyway), possibly go see a movie, and then work on the page of Fey I should have been working on today.

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