04 November 2004

Tavy / Tavie

So, I'm at 5650 words and still trying to get my two main characters to meet. And I've changed the spelling of one character's name from "Tavy" to "Tavie." It's short for "Octavian." Ixion is still Ixion. They will meet by the end of the current chapter (which is chapter 2). I wonder if I can find those numerology things I did for Maddy last year. That was silly but fun--psychic predictions for fictional characters. Of course, for some of them, I'd have to come up with birth dates, and I'm not sure the human characters use the same calendar we do. They seem to have March and April in roughly the same places we do, but I think they probably use a pre-Julian Roman calendar. Something to research. I know the kentaurs don't use our calendar.

Er. Right in the middle of today's bunch of words I had to run for the Greek mythology book. Turns out I had remembered the Ixion story correctly, but I needed to make sure. Which isn't to say I'm rewriting Greek mythology, cuz I'm not. It's much stranger. I think. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. (And that's enough italics for one post.)

This novel is coming out much more reluctantly than last year's. It's partly, I think, because I don't really know where it's going or what it wants to be yet. I know, more or less, the end, but not much of anything in between. I don't even know why the kentaurs are heading for the River Acheron (in Greek myth, it's one of the rivers of the Underworld, the river of woe). I guess I'll find out when they get there.

So, now to go add my NaNoBlog to the sidebar.

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