12 November 2004

Of Words and Shamans

Well, I've reached 19,158 words, which is about 850 words short of today's goal (20,016) but I still have an hour to write in. I can do 850 words in an hour, though I'm not sure I know 850 words worth of stuff happening yet.

I like to end while I still know what happens next. It was something Ray Bradbury said: if you stop when you know what happens next, then you have a place to begin next time you sit down to write. Very smart man, Mr Bradbury. So I have to write the bits I know happened and keep going until I know what happens next again. (Did that make any sense?)

Anway, I got (or rather, Ixion got) Octavian out of the nasty dream, and Tavie has finally accepted that he's a potential shaman-oracle (or maybe just a potential shaman; I really have to figure out what the difference is). Now I have to help Tavie get his eyesight back, and assist Chiron in convincing Deianira and Nessus (not to mention the rest of the herd) that taking Octavian with them across the River Acheron is a good idea. That probably won't be easy.

So, back to the words.

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